Utilizing Software In Telehealth Counseling

June 11, 2021 admin zero comment

Are you stuck at home? Not enough time to go out? These are problems that advancements in modern technology have taken steps toward solving. For example, mental health advocacies, merged…

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The Role Of Counselors In Dealing With Censorship In School

June 11, 2021 admin zero comment

Many variables impact what children learn, especially within a school. Information of all kinds has become easily accessible to people — including children. However, there can still be complicated situations…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Morning Depression

March 1, 2021 admin zero comment

I got diagnosed with childhood depression when both my parents died when I was only eight years old. I remembered not wanting to talk to anyone, not even my favorite…

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Why Is Too Much Screen Time Bad For Mental Health?

October 21, 2020 admin zero comment

Do you know that screen time may also be a source of addiction for everyone, just like alcohol and drugs? Prolonged use of all sorts of medium such as TV,…

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How True Flip Can Bring You Closer To Casino-Loving Family Members

July 23, 2020 admin zero comment

I come from a family that seems to not have much in common except for our love for slot machines, roulettes, etc. Whenever we come home for the holidays, you…

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COVID-19 Contact Tracing Through Proximity Apps: How Do They Work?

June 17, 2020 admin zero comment

  Source: ft.com   The coronavirus outbreak has become a global health crisis that has threatened to eliminate millions of people and over-turn societies across the globe. However, history has…

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Plan Of Action For Office Workers To Cope With COVID-19

May 4, 2020 admin zero comment

  Source: pikist.com When the current global outbreak began a few months ago, a lot of companies closed down their offices and implemented a work-from-home guideline for their employees. Schools…

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Protected: Top 4 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

April 8, 2020 admin Enter your password to view comments.

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Remote Access Desktop Software: Helping Increase Business Productivity

November 11, 2019 admin zero comment

Source: pixabay.com Technological advancement is always complemented with the change, and this holds especially for the business world. Technology does transform the conventional procedures and allows for real business revolution….

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Important Tools That Help Reduce Stress And Workload

November 4, 2019 admin zero comment

Source: pixabay.com One of the most typical causes of stress in people is work-related. You can be a business executive or an employee, but the fact is that the workplace…

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