2015 Fremont IT conference: Empowering Women In The Field Of Information Technology

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There is a stereotyping when it comes to information technology. People are used to seeing men behind the brilliance in technology. However, there are also women who found the passion for innovation and modernization. Admittedly, it may be more challenging for them, but there are ways for women to be successful in the field of information technology, and The 2015 Fremont IT Conference aims to encourage women to continue their passion in it.


Three Ways For Women To Succeed In Information Technology:


  1. Women should be ready for discrimination, and most of the time people in the field may make them feel inferior. However, women should learn to ignore these things and focus on their goals and tasks. They should be ready to face twice as many challenges, especially emotionally.


  1. Women should keep their momentum. Once they decided to take the path of information technology, they should put their 101% heart in it. There is no room for discouragement or low morale, and there is no other way but forward. There are many online support and local information technology groups which are active in helping women in the IT field.


  1. Women should find a mentor with the same struggles. There are many successful attempts in entering a male-dominated field such as information technology. Some women may think they are alone but chances are women’s success is a familiar story in any area. Seek advice and inspiration from fellow women, and if there aren’t any in your company, you can always ask guidance from male colleagues.
Source: pixabay.com


Information technology may be men’s field, but it doesn’t mean that women cannot excel and be successful in it. After all, there is no need for strength as it requires more thinking which women are equally capable of. The 2015 Fremont IT conference aims to encourage women to keep moving forward and be successful in the field of information technology.

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