Can OptimizePress Save You A Trip To A Psychologist?

Do you realize how much money a lot of business owners cough up to have a decent-looking website? Based on my experience, well, thousands! You see, there was a time when I needed to launch a site for my company, and I was still a total newb, I did not know where to even begin. The first thing I did was hire a couple of Computer Science graduates — it didn’t end well. Then, I got a freelancer to do it for me, which turned out bad well. When the third team came and messed up what little structure I had, it upset me too much that I had to consult a psychologist for a bit.

When stress starts to take a toll on your life, you may also find comfort in apps such as BetterHelp. Although business success is important, you must never disregard the state of your mental and emotional health. These online platforms allow you to pick yourself back up after a setback like what I’ve experienced.


After losing thousands of dollars in the process, I plucked up the courage to learn how to create a website without spending that much money again. I found out that WordPress was the best choice at that point, and it was easy enough to navigate even for a non-professional computer expert like me. However, when it came to landing pages, I realized that I needed to obtain a plugin to make them look better in front of the viewers. And it turned out to be OptimizePress for me.

How I Found OptimizePress

As I was surfing the internet on another regularly lame day, I came across this internet marketing tool that’s called OptimizePress. After reading all the reviews and the whole website dedicated to it, the first thought I had was “Oh my God! My friends should get this!”

As I have mentioned above, you should know that the main problem that internet marketers usually get is low-conversion rates. Sometimes, maybe because they do not like what you are promoting or find your site annoying, they advise their family members and acquaintances not to visit it.

If it is the first reason, then you do not have much else to do about it. However, if it is the other one, well, well, well, fellow human beings, smoothen out your frustrated face already because there is now a new software that can help you liven up your dull web pages (Hooray!). Just by seeing its slogan “OptimizePress: Create Pages That Convert Fast,” any witty person can already feel how promising this creation is.


Perhaps since James Dyson, the genius behind this tool, can be considered as highly experienced in terms of knowing what his clients will want from his years of working as a graphic designer for various successful online marketers that we may have heard of these days, so it is safe to say that he is someone whose works we should always look out for.

What’s Good About OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is practically the type of software that is designed to make your life easier for the ultimate reason that you can use it as the platform of the WordPress every time that you are creating your squeeze pages or merely editing your existing web pages.

Aside from that, the other features that OptimizePress makers promise to the users are the following:

  • You can install it as a theme in WordPress.
  • You can edit your pages real-time without having to go through many processes by using its Live Editor program.
  • For those who are not well-articulated on how you can start building your website, it has built-in squeeze templates, precisely over 30 of them all, that you may or may not change, depending on what you want to do with it, and this is made possible by OptimizePress styling.
  • It has a program that can be of help to you if ever you happen to wish to add more functions to your online page as its Element Browser system has more or less 40 elements in it, so you do not have a lot to worry about.

Of course, it is understandable if this software has a price because its developers are also humans who have gases and houses to pay for. However, it is a very reasonable one, and it’s just a one-time thing so that you do not have to worry about monthly payments or anything. When you use this, you’ll become rest assured that your web pages are yours only, and so are its contents, and they only provide the software that you can use to beautify them.


So, Can OptimizePress Save You A Trip To The Psychologist’s Office?

The most crucial factor in understanding is that the developers of this marketing tool have mentioned in their site that they will guide you through it all. I know how perfect it is, especially for people who have no idea about what they are doing on the computer but don’t want to lose more money than they already have. So, you should think of getting OptimizePress if you don’t want to see a psychologist soon.

Good luck!