Increasing Your Business Productivity Through These Strategies


If we discuss workplace productivity, we are trying to discuss employee productivity. Employees are the foundation of a company, which is why how they perform determines the success of your business.

Here’s a list of how you can help your employees can be encouraged to increase productivity.

  • Communication Is Key. Communicating clearly with your employees is vital in developing strong working bonds with them. When they understand the instructions, they can perform their jobs correctly, efficiently, and productively. Open and positive communication at all levels of the business tremendously improves the efficacy of the company as a whole.

 John Moore, Ph.D. shares his thoughts on this, saying, “One thing to remember here is that people can detect BS. When you mention a benefit, make sure it’s tangible. Answer the question that most people want to know: What’s in it for me?”

  • Consider Those Who Have Similar Cultures With The Business. A company has different expectations, goals, work guidelines, and values from each other (or they have the same). It would be more convenient for both employee and employer if the staff fits the culture of the company. A business or organization with a clear-cut culture finds cultural fit an important factor in hiring employees, as it believes that employees with the same overall goals and visions as the company that he is in will further increase productivity for both the employee and the business.


  • Provide Rewards For Excellent Performance. This entails focusing on the good that employees have produced instead of the mistakes they make. Reinforce excellent performance, encouraging employees to push themselves more and achieve more rewards, whether monetary or otherwise. This creates a positive working atmosphere and drives employees to come to work happy and motivated. According to Dr. Jeremy Dean, a psychologist, “Rewards can have a strange effect on motivation.”


  • Empower Your Employees. When you’re a leader, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you manage everything, but it also means that you are capable of effectively delegating assignments and responsibilities so that your employees feel that they are contributing to the workforce and the business in a larger scope, thus, helping them grow, mentally, emotionally, and professionally as well. Empower your organization by listening to their opinions and ideas and trusting that you have chosen people who can help you increase productivity. Let them feel that you value their suggestions and allowing them to perform to the best of their ability. Don’t always micro-manage them. “The benefits for business owners are clear,” says Dustin Jundt, an organizational psychologist at Saint Louis University. “Greater autonomy can lead to lower turnover and higher levels of creativity, innovation, and even performance.”


  • Keep The Office Environment Clean And Workable. Coming into a messy and unpleasant working environment discourages the employees from even working on time. You must invest in keeping the company building clean and inviting to the staff that works there every day. If you are unable to spend so much on this, you can modify the things that you can do something about without cost, like lighting, building temperature, and workplace ergonomics.


  • Provide Them With The Tools They Need. Employees’ skills are crucial to the success of your business, but to be effective in utilizing those skills, they need the proper tools. This includes daily equipment and software, like computer and cloud computing productivity tools. Remember that technology is the answer to most business issues nowadays, but it isn’t the only solution. You must carefully have these tools checked and assessed by your IT group to determine if the tools you bought are worth the cost. When this hardware and tools are implemented securely and appropriately, these tools can successfully turn up your business productivity.


  • Get Ready To See The Returns. If you currently run your own company, it wouldn’t cost much to begin applying some of the strategies mentioned above. What’s important is that your employees are happy, motivated, and adequately rewarded for their performance. Be proactive and engage your employees. You’ll see your business improve and soar in no time.




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