Top 4 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity


During the 2019 Software Convention, “A Cross-Discipline Software Conference for Everyone,” the speakers spoke about how we can use modern software development to teach, learn, and connect. In this time and age, we can find loads of apps that we can utilize to boost our productivity and accomplish our daily tasks in no time. Some are even highly flexible and can be synced on multiple devices, allowing you to track your tasks almost anywhere.

Here are the top 4 productivity apps that will help you achieve more every day: 



ToDoist is a great to-do list app that allows you to jot down your schedule for the day and the tasks that you need to accomplish. Its intelligent software interprets and categorizes the tasks you input. It automatically schedules a reminder for your task entries and organizes it in the appropriate sections. 

More than just a personal productivity tool, ToDoist can also be used for team projects and activities to keep all members on track. You can plan and discuss projects, assign tasks to your team, and monitor deadlines.


Lift allows you to customize your goals and track and record your progress. It also includes expert-formulated plans and community habits that you can integrate with your planning. Unlike productivity apps that focus on individuality, Lift’s most unique feature is the support that it provides. If you’re not good at sticking to habits, you can get peer coaching and support from the community. It doesn’t only improve productivity but your social and personal growth as well. is the perfect app for organizing busy schedules. It lets you put tasks and reminders in one location, allowing you to focus on your significant responsibilities of the day. It also has a feature that will enable you to review your daily tasks. Overall, is excellent for managing and listing down your tasks well and organized. 


Evernote is a top-rated productivity app, and it is not surprising why. You can use it across your devices and list all tasks that you need to accomplish in your daily schedule. It also includes features that you can use to record voice reminders and take notes at the same time. You can also take pictures and add this to your notes, other than merely creating to-do lists.

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