Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Good day, and thank you for your interest and for choosing our site! Unless stated otherwise,
these terms of use provided by the company apply to your use of all the websites that we
operate. These provisions also apply to all services, information, products, contents, and
materials that we will produce and provide including, without limitation, the license chooser and
proper tools.
By clicking “I ACCEPT,” we assume that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agreed to
be bound by the following rules and regulations. If you disagree with the terms provided, you
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User Content And Limitations
User Content includes all information that you submit in your Account. You are exclusively and
solely responsible and bear all risks for your user content. Because you are responsible for your
user content, you are liable for anything that can happen. Our company is not obliged to back
up the content that you post, and if there will be offensive or harmful material posted, we will
delete your user content.
Certain parts of our website allow you to post and exchange opinions, information, data, and
content. Our site does not screen, edit, review, or publish comments before the appearance of
your and other users’ comments. The comments sent by you and other users do not reflect the
views and opinions of the website and the company.
We reserve the right to screen and monitor all comments and to remove remarks that are
inappropriate, offensive, harmful, triggering, or in breach of these Terms of Use.
Terms Of Termination
We will automatically terminate, block, or suspend your account once detected that
1. You violate any third-party or the company right to intellectual property.
2. You abuse, harass, post, or comment offensive, tortious, or threatening remarks or
invade other user’s privacy and in any way deprive them of the free and enjoyable use of
the site.
3. You post or comment harmful remarks to minors.
4. You post or comment fake and unreliable news or articles.
5. You distribute, copy, reproduce, post without source, plagiarize, and sell other user or
third-party content.
You do at this moment authorize the company to take full action if there will be similar activities
on your account and do necessary measures if there will be a breach of Terms of Use.