QTube is a simple plugin natively created for Joomla 1.5 (no need to turn Legacy Mode on). It allows you to easily embed YouTube-hosted videos in your articlesÂ

How to use it

The only thing you need to do is including a standard Joomla plugin command within your article content in the exact place where you want the video to appear.

Here is a QTube command in its simplest form:

{qtube vid:=xxx}

In place of xxx, you must put the unique identifier YouTube.com has assigned to the video. To obtain it simply visit the YouTube site and look at your browser’s address bar while you are watching the video you want to include. You will see an URL like this
YouTube Video ID
The sequence of characters indicated in the picture above is the video if you need. To include the video in this particular example you would need to use the following command

{qtube vid:=XJKsxmiEWOc}

Plugin parameters

If you need to fully control the look and feel of embedded videos you can use a plugin command containing some additional parameters. Here is an example of a command that includes all possible parameters.

{qtube vid:=xxx w:=320 h:=267 c1:=00ff00 c2:=0000ff b:=1 rel:=1 ap:=1 cl:=class id:=id}

  • vid’s the only mandatory parameter and we’ve already explained it above.
  • w, his used to set video frame width and height in pixels.
  • c1, c2 colors used for video player button bar. Use hexadecimal values.
  • b (0/1) 1: a border is drawn around video player frame; 0 (zero): no border.
  • rel (0/1) 1: links to related videos are displayed once the video has finished playing; 0: no related videos.
  • ap (0/1) 1: autoplay on, the video starts as soon as the page is loaded; 0: no autoplay, users must manually start the video with the ‘play’ button.
  • cl value of a class attribute of the HTML tag <object>. This is for more advanced users who want to control their videos appearance with a CSS stylesheet.
  • id value of id attribute of the HTML tag <object>. Again for use in a CSS stylesheet.

Default values for all these parameters (with the obvious exception of vid) can be set from QTube administration page inside Joomla backend: when a parameter’s value is not expressly included in a plugin command the default value specified for that parameter is used.